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Get back to the basics with ACE Personal Training’s B2B Back to Basketball Training Camp. This camp is designed to focus on the fundamentals of basketball. From learning how to develop your individual skills to team drills and organized games, you’ll concentrate on critical tools you need for success.

Focus on shooting, foul shooting, layups, finishing through contact, passing, ball handling, footwork—jump stop, pivoting, jab step—rebounding, defense, post play, guard play offense, defense, cutting, moving without the ball, how to set, use and defend a screen, 3 on 3 shell  and 5 on 5 shell

Comenius Basketball Camp
Powered By ACE Personal Training and OWE

This camp will be hosted by Randle Clark of OWE and ONeill Palmer(the new head varsity coach). This camp will challenge your basketball knowledge while providing a fun atmosphere.

Sessions will target shooting. We will focus on form and different drills to help develop technique and form. Following the form drills, we will go into plenty of shooting stations were we will aim to get at least 500-600 shots a day.  We will also target all else basketball. Dribbling, defense, team drills, passing, scrimmaging and live situation play.

This camp is coed and for all ages but we will separate but age/skill level.

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