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O'Neill Palmer

O’neill Palmer is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina with a passion for sports and coaching, having a special interest in distance running & basketball. O’neill has been involved in organized sports, including cross country, basketball, and track & field since the age of five holding distance records in Charlotte Mecklenburg and competing at the state and regional level for cross country. He considers himself a lifetime athlete and has been fortunate, through proper training & form to avoid many of the serious injuries that can plague athletes such as runners. 

O’neill has been actively involved in coaching middle school & high school sports for close to ten years, becoming head coach for basketball & track since 2008. He was positively impacted by the coaches he worked with as a student athlete and strives to be a positive role model for the kids he has the opportunity to work with. He has recently decided to offer his knowledge to the growing group of adult athletes who enjoy participating in fun runs, marathons and fitness challenges but who may have never received formal training. 

As an adult O’neill has had the opportunity to try out for two separate European basketball leagues and continues to run for leisure with personal best 5k of 16:10 and an average mile of 4:36. He regularly participates in local charity races, triathlons and mud runs. He takes his own performance seriously and strives to teach his clients safety as well as ways to increase endurance, agility, speed and strength.

Frank Raymond

Frank Raymond is an exceptional athlete who specializes in football, speed and technique. Frank spent
19 years playing and coaching football, winning numerous accolades and awards throughout his career.
He played on grants at Wesley College, semi-pro, and also had the opportunity to play arena football for The Trenton Steel in his home town.

In his playing days, Frank relied heavily on his technique. Being undersized most of his career, perfecting his technique allowed him to compete at the highest level and eventually become an outstanding athlete as the years progressed. As a sprinter in track and field he specialized in 110 and 400 hurdles, 400, 800, long jump, triple jump, and pole vault.

He coached as a WR/OC at the high school level in NJ, and has brought a very technical and
fundamentally sound feel to the middle school level since 2012.

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